ELMI TW-2.02 Circulating Water Bath with 8.5L Stainless Steel Tank


품절 후 주문 가능


품절 후 주문 가능


ELMI Circulating Water Bath Thermostats TW-2.02
The stainless steel TW-2.02 convenient and reliable 8.5 liter bath that consistently deliver outstanding results in the lab.


  • Precise and user-friendly temperature control in the bath
  • Automatic water level detection system
  • Variable water circulation speed
  • External water circulation pump to accurately heat other items
  • Thorough water mixing to maintain consistent temperature
  • Slim, simplified design for quick and easy disassembling and cleaning


Specifications Model TW – 2.02
Temperature Range in the Bath ˚C Ambient +3 up to 100
Accuracy of Set Temperature Maintenance in the Bath ˚C ±0.1
Max Time of Set Temperature Achievement min 50
Max Bath Capacity L 8.5
Temperature Stabilization Above the Environmental ˚C 3
Water Circulation Speed Variable L/min 2-5
Voltage and Frequency V; Hz 100-240V; 50/60Hz
Power Consumption kW Up to 1.5
Size of the Device (L x W x H) mm 265 x 325 x 270
Weight Kg 3.8

Manual of ELMI TW-2

Specification of ELMI TW-2

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